How We Work


Bringing Ideas to Life

Landscapes are more than just an architectural process; they are also an art form that is in a constant state of change. Year after year your landscape will continue to grow and change, and as the years go on you will find new and exciting ways to interact with your outdoor living space. In order for this to happen correctly you need a designer that can create a site that not only looks good and functions properly upon installation, but one that will continue to function properly as the plants continue to grow and reshape the landscape and the way you interact with it.

Upon contacting us we will set up an initial meeting which will be the first of several. This is where it all begins. In this meeting a designer will meet with you and ask several questions about what you are looking for. These questions are a necessary step in order for the designer to get the insight needed to design a site that is a reflection of you in your landscape. After all, this is why you wanted your yard professionally landscaped. Not only to increase your homes overall value but to create an outdoor living space that is fun and interactive for your whole family all while complementing the architecture of your home and the surroundings of your house.

Our Process

  1. Consultation
    In this discussion one of our designers will meet with you and talk over ideas that you have and what the overall goal of the project will be.
  2. Design Process
    This is when your designer goes to work for you; a plan will be created with the insight and ideas that you provided in the first consultation.
  3. Presentation
    Once the design is finalized a meeting will be set up where your designer will present their vision for your yard. They will bring with them a hand-crafted rendering of your yard, examples of materials to be used, and a cost estimate of the project.
  4. Installation
    Your day has finally arrived; a crew of hard working individuals led by your designer will come to install your new outdoor living space.
  5. Walk Through
    Your new outdoor living space has finally taken shape. Now your designer will take you around your new space and explain the new elements that were installed and how to properly care for them.
  6. Start Enjoying
    Your yard is done, now it’s time to start enjoying and showing off your new outdoor living space.